Sweet Afternoon Tea for Two, Three or Four - Local Delivery  Prices From

Sweet Afternoon Tea for Two, Three or Four - Local Delivery Prices From

Why go out when you can stay in and enjoy an afternoon tea delivered to your door? 


Your afternoon tea per person includes: 

2x Small Freshly baked scones - 1x plain & 1x fruit

2x Iced sugar biscuits

4x Mini tray treats

1x Mini victoria sponge

2x Chocolate covered strawberries

2x White chocolate fudge pieces


Of course, all of the accompaniments are included too - jam, butter, clotted cream and S.D. Bells Belfast Tea, all presented in a tea stand with contactless delivery.

Just lift the lid and enjoy! 


Order for yourself or as a gift for someone else - a great way to celebrate or mark a special occasion. 


    Each order is made freshly for delivery. Please note strawberries must be consumed on day of delivery. If clotted cream/butter is not consumed on the day of delivery, it must be stored in the fridge and used no later than the use by date. 

    Scones should be consumed within 3 days (we recommend freshening them in the oven for 10 minutes at 150C if not eaten on day of delivery.)

    All other items, if not consumed on day of delivery, should be stored appropriately in airtight containers for a maximum of 2 weeks.

    Please note this product contains gluten, eggs, dairy and nuts. 


    Unfortunately we do not accept refunds. 

    If you have an issue with any of our products, please contact us 


    This product is for local delivery only.

    Orders must be placed by 5pm on the Wednesday before delivery date.

    Local Delivery is £2.50 to the following areas:

    Friday: BT16, BT18, BT19, BT20  BT21 & BT23

    Saturday: BT1 - BT10

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